Some pages flipped ...

I am just starting (on 2018.07.25) a "pinned" post to capture my reading journey. Of course, it is not going to contain all that I have read in the past; as I do not have a meticulous record of the same. But intend to try and maintain this going forward, insha Allah.

Even though such a thought may have criss-crossed my mind in the past, I owe the current inspiration to Ann Morgan's list here (her Ted talk).

The kind of easy layout I ought to follow will trouble me for sure (and I'm pretty sure will see several revisions). For now, I'll stick to => [ writer — bookTitle (readInTheYear) ]

2007 (8 books) | 2008 (8 books) | 2009 (7 books) | 2010 (4 books) | 2011 (1 book) | 2013 (1 book) | 2014 (2 books) | 2016 (6 books) | 2017 (7 books) | 2018 (9 books)


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