Mufeed Usman (mufeed) wrote,
Mufeed Usman

The Glass Castle revisited ...

It is true that keeping a journal, however insignificant or detailed, does have its ROI. What prompts me to write this entry is this - the last couple of days I have been the usual hopeless nostalgia-filled-existence I turn myself into at times; this, I do not say with any self-pity. I enjoy every bit of those moments I slip into.

So, I started where from I could find most of the “interesting debris” - my Gmail inbox (God bless Google for that). Started my usual weeding process; clearing the insignificant mails. That’s when I saw a mail pointing to this old thread of mine. I clearly had no recollection of ever having read that, but was definitely intrigued by the emotions I’d expressed in it, in the form of a feedback. That took my curiosity to do a quick Google check and I was surprisingly thrilled to see that the book was getting made into a movie. Thrilled not really about the upcoming movie; I guess, more out of the realization borne out of knowing how small events still stick to your life even after many years; in ways, we seldom understand.

I’m eternally grateful, yet again, to Jacob for having been the reason behind setting this piece of my life in motion. I’d like to dedicate this entry, hence, as my New Year’s gift to him; for the kind of person I know him as; and, even more for the value he gives to matters of personal relationship.

His store (Q8books, Maliya, Kuwait) used to be my haven then. This is the new place (Better Books) which, sadly, I haven’t had the opportunity to visit.


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