Mufeed Usman (mufeed) wrote,
Mufeed Usman

Fountain of youth ...

Legends have been told about the Fountain of Youth. Heroes have traversed adventures in its search; some for personal glory and others for the mere satisfaction. And man, in his undying love for that which is beyond his reach, continues to journey in its quest.


My thoughts on the subject, on the contrary, went in a different direction.

People age with age. That is the widely accepted principle and outwardly experienced fact. Youth fades as we celebrate every single birthday. Youth fades with every morning you encounter. Youth recedes with every moment that becomes your past. That, is the youth of the body; that of our physical existence. There is yet another youthfulness that we are mostly oblivious to, that of our emotions, that of our heart.


Youthfulness of hearts do not necessarily age at the same rate at which our body does, at least not if we let it. Its aging has more to do with our outlook at life. This entity is more governed and affected by the Emotional Quotient (EQ).


To sustain this youth one need not cross the seven seas or slay ferocious dragons just to have a sip from the fountain of youth. It is very close to us. If only we were open to it more than we generally are. I’m talking about children.

Children are our gateways to that eternal youth which no fountain can replenish. It is built into their naiveté; it is built into their undying love for happiness and restlessness; and it is this fountain that we ought to seek and take a sip from. There is this energy and drive you derive by being around them. Like any other offer in this world, this comes with a set of conditions too.


Letting ourselves loose from our lost inhibitions for playfulness can be a start. None of us were born with a tie and a suit; none of us were born to attend boring meetings and meet dead-lines. We were free; free to aim for the impossible and do the unthinkable. Have you ever seen kids sitting in a conference and deliberating before deciding to do anything? They just go for it. As adults, I agree, we have certain limitations; but that shouldn’t stifle us from being ourselves. We have responsibilities, but not to an extent that we forget the inane side of our personalities.


And children are the catalysts who aid us in getting closer to that fountain!
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