Mufeed Usman (mufeed) wrote,
Mufeed Usman

Sprouted coconuts ...

As I was getting up from the chair having completed my dinner an old news piece happened to catch my attention, something about coconuts sprouting unexpectedly causing loss to the farmers.


The news went on to describe how the farmers had decided to prolong the sale of their produce expecting a better price by waiting the rain off. What they failed to realize was the coconuts in the wet and damp conditions wouldn’t hold on till the summer which was what they wanted.


The first thing that came to my mind as I quickly skimmed the news was an incident from the Quran.


A couple of farmers, arrogant at the gifts Allah had bestowed upon them decided to cheat the poor from a share of their harvest. After a long and detailed deliberation they decided to harvest during the early hours of dawn so that they could finish before anyone came around. But alas, He had better plans. They were shocked and devastated to find their beautiful gardens destroyed overnight to such an extent that there was no trace of their beautiful cultivation or their land.
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