Mufeed Usman (mufeed) wrote,
Mufeed Usman

Circle of life ...

Many a times in life, not that I have lived for a hundred years to make that kind of a statement, we come to a point where we begin to fret; fret about leaving things behind and how things will never be the same. How wonderful the moments were you were in at the time, which you’re leaving behind or have had to leave.

Let me elaborate.

Every time when I have had to break from my school life – like when I first left NSS to join grade 3 in Kuwait; like when I left ISK to join grade 4 in Kendriya Vidyalaya; like when I left KV to join ISK, yet again, in grade 7; and when I finally had to leave Kuwait after 12th; I thought I’d never have the times I’ve had again; make the kind of friends I made and meet the people I met.

I did. In college.

When it was time to leave college I was still fighting the same emotions again. Fearing that I’ll have to box up the times & moments as memories. To surface at some odd moments in life, some when you expect and others when you least expect it.

In some strange way you find yourself circumambulating those moments and people, in ways of course very different; nevertheless pleasantly nostalgic.

But when you meet new people it’s like starting over again. With a hesitation, a little bit of trepidation and the acquired knowledge of the pain from the past, you tend to get wary. Taking steps very slowly, but yet inching towards that innate fear.

Meeting the kind of people whom you warmed up to in your innocent years, could probably take more than a considerable amount of effort while out in the world. Even then, you do meet them; with a rarity you simply can not miss and can not avoid. And that’s when it dawns upon you that old strings do wear out and break, but that’s normal. There are others building up in its place.
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