Mufeed Usman (mufeed) wrote,
Mufeed Usman

Abu T calls ...

Abu was on the phone with me last night. It sure was a funny call.

I have been down with fever for the last 3 days. In fact, I had taken a day off on Thursday. So, there I was lying in my bed trying to regain whatever energy I could muster and I get this call from an unknown number from UAE. I pick up the call and am greeted by this chap speaking to me in Arabic. As I was in no mood to play around and definitely not in a condition either, I hung up. Just before I did the guy called me by my name.

I knew it had to be someone from my college days. Then it was this torrential calls from this chap trying to get me pick up the phone and I coldly avoided it. When I saw he was relentless, I switched off the cell phone for a while. When I had my phone turned back on after sometime, the guy was still trying!

It was only after a long time when I was on chat with Shanu and when my mood had slightly got better for obvious reasons  that I decided to find out who it was and what he had to tell me. Boy was I in for a sweet surprise? – more to hear the news than to know who it was.

Abu is thinking of tying the knot!! Yup, he sure is!! And this from a guy who had put off marriage from his to-do list for a least 4 years. If the proposal goes all well then we may see him anchored by July or August this year.
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