Mufeed Usman (mufeed) wrote,
Mufeed Usman

The Glass Castle ...

A book which I felt was not to my better taste. A book which I had begun to feel was a sort of waste. A book, that had got me to think that memoirs was not for me; had me bowled over by the time I was done with it.

The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls. The first couple of sections made me wonder why in the world I let Jacob lend me the book. As I flipped the last page I knew how wrong I was. How close I was to disposing the book off as a piece of junk.

The book proves once again that a life drafted like that of Walls’s by God can in no way be boring. It had its elements of drama, a pinch of excitement and garnished with a lot of emotions. Not many books that I have read have had lumps in my throat, but true life memoirs, like this one, does that to you if you were to see it in that light.

Many of the books have that loud wailing sign “New York Times Best Seller” or “#1 Best Seller” and I had begun to get a little irritated by those as every other book I picked had it. And so did this book which kind of forced me to look down upon it initially. True as the old adage goes that never judge a book by its cover, never did seem more apt than with this little customer.

Kudos to Jeannette for having shared with us her life with such openness.

How unfortunate are those who are yet to develop a taste in serious reading. They sure are unaware of what they’re missing!
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