January 4th, 2017

Leaf in a Journal

Fear, struggle and crushing disappointments ...

A friend shared the following link with me the other day. A quick glance and I realized it was an intimidating read considering the length; more so, as I was trying to grapple with various other tasks at hand that had a far greater grip over my interests and focus. I know, I need to keep away from falling for that.

But as I read on, I found myself being pulled into the past; a past that my dad talks about often - of personalities and their talents. What touched me most as I read each of Manna’s response were the small interspersed incidents that showed that the larger than life aura the industry and the fans created around those entertainers indeed did have mortal beginnings; the same fear and struggle, the very same crushing disappointments, etc. that many of us are used to. But perseverance and God’s Grace saw them through to their destinations.