January 12th, 2010

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Coffee 2 work ...

There are two kinds of people who drag coffees in take-away packs to work - those that are rushing to work and those who are late. They seemingly take such pride and carry themselves with such elegance that they are in awe, about themselves of course. Now, it is understandable for those who’re late, who cannot do without having a coffee; but what of those coming late?
SS sweatshirt

Accessories - Belt? ...

Many of our modern day accessories, especially those that have crept in to our dressing, initially were born out of necessity. Take the belt for example. For the simple reason of holding our pants up; why do we still wear it even when our waists are such that you may need a crowbar to pry it open to get out of it. People and fashion can be ludicrous, can it not?
SS sweatshirt

Chain of words ...

I was trying to find this chain of words to express transition in movement. Works of an idle mind, I do agree. But what important state-affairs can one come up with in the loneliness of one’s bath? So this is what I’ve thought about so far –


From a microscopic displacement to a crawl to a shuffle to a limp to a hop to a leap