March 21st, 2008

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Back to stone age? ...

We’re really unbelievable. Us as humans I mean. Ages ago we had sign languages and weird sounds as a way of communicating with each other. As generations passed, we invented words that could express things more vividly. And now we’re backtracking all those efforts, heading back to stone age with words like ETA, ASAP, FYI, FYA, AFAIK, etc. Weren’t we better off then having not taken the trouble to have so laboriously built words from here and there?
SS sweatshirt

Valour at the 11th hour ...

I used to think Indian movies were hilarious with the troops of cops swarming down on the final site of showdown where the hero and villains are locking horns. Of course after their actual need of arrival ceases to exist. I am increasingly amused at the similar display of ‘valour’ in English movies too .