March 12th, 2008

SS sweatshirt

Meeting in the campus ...

I saw a very pleasant dream last night. May be it was very early in the morning because I have heard that those are the ones that people usually remember more vividly.

I am in India and I decide to take my favourite bike out for a ride. It’s close to my wedding date because I can feel this excitement within me. As I ride along many of my favourite streets, a thought hits me and I decide to go along with it.

I take a trip to Shanu’s college.

Though I have no idea where that is or how to get there, I reach there. It’s a dream remember?

The next thing I know is I park my bike in the parking lot (I don’t why they’d ever want to have that in a ladies college ) and I am talking to this lady, writer and well known public figure of Kerala Ms. Sugathakumari. After a long talk as she is about to leave there comes along these 4 young guys.

One of them, pointing to her bike, says that there is petrol leakage and pushes the bike down for no reason. And they start walking away laughing. I get pissed and grab the guy by his collar and let him know that he isn’t going anywhere without putting the bike straight and apologizing to the lady. Moreover, the fall had actually caused the fuel to leak out even more. It is then that I noticed that one of the four was in mechanic overalls and they all get down t0 fixing it. I had scared them!

Suddenly there is this rush of students walking past where we all are standing and my eyes start searching for her face. Many of them pass and I don’t see her anywhere among them. When I almost reach a point of disappointment she comes around the corner of the building, chatting to her friends, not aware that I am around and watching her. When I realize that she might miss me I wave to her and wait to see her reaction.

Then she gives this cute look mixed with surprise and hesitation in her girlish charm, as it was the first time we were seeing each other face to face, walking unknowingly towards me and me drawn to her. We get closer, closer, more closer….

And then I wake up!