October 19th, 2007

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Running the house ...

It’s only day 4 since mom and dad left and I’m already running ‘research’ as what to put on the menu for the next few days. Believe me, it ain’t simple as it looks; running the house I mean.

Last year when I was in a similar situation, left with dad, I atleast had the urge to try and prepare some of the dishes. Not quite this time around. I’ve been relying on the food prepared in advance by mom and hoping that it will not get over till they return. A far fetched hope, I know. It doesn’t pay to have an optimistic outlook at life.

I did prepare ghee-rice for lunch today. It was encouraging to note that I have not gone all that rusty. Although I need to attend some ‘Art of Living’ course to energize my lazy kitchen (mis)adventures and kick off the rest of skills, if one can call it.

For dessert my heartfelt appreciation goes out to all the tin-food companies that have made my work a lot easier. The fruit salad that was made got over in 2 days. And we’ve stocked pudding in the refrigerator which does not look like it’ll last for long, considering the frequency at which Jammy & I are gobbling it down. The only consolation being one does not require a PhD to make it. Hail Foster Clark’s!!
SS sweatshirt

Dual behaviour ...

I can faintly recall reading somewhere that a person’s behavior can be broadly classified in to two – Individual & Group. Now why am I getting in to something like this? Just for the heck of it.

I am sure many of us would have experienced it a lot many times. Our values, our prejudices, our outlook on things are quite not on the same page when we’re alone and when we’re in a group. Those that have failed to identify that distinction or would like to argue that they do not fall in to those classifications, are what we may describe as people who are unique and different. Strong willed and with sets of rules of their own. They go places, many a times, and achieve things. What about the rest of us?

What I am confused about the second set of people is what actually constitutes our true behaviour then; the one when we’re in a group or the one displayed when we’re more or less alone? I have strong inclination towards the one displayed when we’re alone, so very by ourselves. The other, most of the time, is taken out to be part of the group; so as not to feel left out or labeled outcast.