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Meena Iyer - Khullam Khulla Rishi Kapoor

Read during :
2018.09.25 - 2018.10.05, Hyderabad.

So far, the style of writing and narration is quite different and stark from Dev Anand's Romancing with Life. Probably, one factor could be the generation difference and also the different age at which both chose to capture their life in writing. Though Dev Sahab wrote his at a much later stage (and age), the emotions and energy portrayed is that of a much younger person.

Yet to see the tone of this. So far, it definitely is Khullam Khulla, but not at a level as Dev Sahab's.

Quote(s) of Interest (the dates in the brackets indicate the first time I read that section):

... We do not all lead false and empty lives. Under all the tinsel and sparkle, there is heart and soul.
... There are two life lessons I've given Ranbir as far as this profession goes. One is to put in the effort required to translate into ease on screen and the second is to never let success go to the head or failure to the heart. (Pg. 213, 2017 Edition; 2018.10.04)
... It's said that memory exists only for three generations. (Pg. 238, 2017 Edition; 2018.10.05)

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