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Dev Anand - Romancing with Life

Read during :
2018.09, Hyderabad.

Quote(s) of Interest (the dates in the brackets indicate the first time I read that section):

...While big money can help structure a big film project, with glitter and shine, it cannot give it the spine it needs to be a hit. A good story is the soul of a good film, not artificial glamour surrounding it. A great thought can be worth a million, but millions without a great thought are like so many pieces of diamonds hidden in rubble. (Pg. 138, 2011 Edition; 2018.09.10)

...Fame, power and money are three factors that make you great in the eyes of the world. The moment these desert you, you are like a particle of dust under one's feet. (Pg. 177, 2011 Edition; 2018.09.11)

...But all great works of art are born out of madness. You have to have a streak of madness in you, to break away from the shackles of accepted norms, for an achievement to go down in history. (Pg. 188, 2011 Edition; 2018.09.11)

...a thinking writer is constantly on the move, always contemplating on the theme he is focused on, always alive to what is going on around him, living every day with the hope of achieving a brighter tomorrow. As you live for tomorrow, your present is enriched too with hope and optimism; this is real living. (Pg. 213, 2011 Edition; 2018.09.17)

...I learnt from them, and from their achievements, like a student. Life teaches us at all levels. People who inhabit the earth are teachers as well as students, learning from each other all the time. Each in his or her own way, from an ordinary coolie to a multimillionaire, from an uneducated vagabond to a learned professor, from an ordinary mechanic to a top industrialist, gives to the other that the other that something that the other does not have. And one keeps learning, in a non-stop process that has no limits. There is no such thing as the last milestone. Every time you reach a landmark or a goal, another one comes into view up ahead in the distance. (Pg. 324, 2011 Edition; 2018.09.22)

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