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Trust ...

Trusting someone else is easier said than done. One can be foolish and trust someone blindly. But to give it thought, taking calculated risks, etc. requires courage; an unspoken willpower. The courage to be ready to be at the losing end; the courage to step forward and assist not knowing the full picture; the courage to wage your dearest as your best bet.

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Fear, struggle and crushing disappointments ...

A friend shared the following link with me the other day. A quick glance and I realized it was an intimidating read considering the length; more so, as I was trying to grapple with various other tasks at hand that had a far greater grip over my interests and focus. I know, I need to keep away from falling for that.

But as I read on, I found myself being pulled into the past; a past that my dad talks about often - of personalities and their talents. What touched me most as I read each of Manna’s response were the small interspersed incidents that showed that the larger than life aura the industry and the fans created around those entertainers indeed did have mortal beginnings; the same fear and struggle, the very same crushing disappointments, etc. that many of us are used to. But perseverance and God’s Grace saw them through to their destinations.

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MSM ...

End of mainstream media (MSM), that’s what Newsbud had to highlight as one of the many significant developments of 2016. Many of us who follow world events on and off are obviously aware of the intentional distortions introduced into our everyday cup-of-news.

Sadly, most of the time we can only lament about it. I say, one of the New Year resolutions should be to act upon to try and reduce such intrusions, if not eliminate them totally. Ways and means? Each of us has to try and find out ways that are adoptable. Like Sadhguru says, “Any effective change in the world can be brought about only by getting people involved in a movement and not by imposing rules.”

We need to step up and identify our movements. If none exist, have the intention to create one. In that manner only, inch-by-inch, can we expect to see positive change around us.

The other thing to note, which I found to be of serious concern is the concerted effort across the globe to stifle the freedom of internet as we know it today. That day may not be very far when we’ll find ourselves telling the next generation of an internet that existed where people were free to express themselves. Of a platform where hand-twisting did not exist to distort truth so as to meet the preferences of a “few”.

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Blood, pain and scream ...

Man is born in blood, pain and scream …” - (1356, Pg. 33, Notes from Prison by Alija Izetbegovic of Bosnia and Herzegovina)
I guess that’s something we really need to ponder, especially during dire straits. The foundation of being born new cannot be torn away from what we dislike. It is only through gut wrenching events one can and should expect results that pierce the soul.

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The Glass Castle revisited ...

It is true that keeping a journal, however insignificant or detailed, does have its ROI. What prompts me to write this entry is this - the last couple of days I have been the usual hopeless nostalgia-filled-existence I turn myself into at times; this, I do not say with any self-pity. I enjoy every bit of those moments I slip into.

So, I started where from I could find most of the “interesting debris” - my Gmail inbox (God bless Google for that). Started my usual weeding process; clearing the insignificant mails. That’s when I saw a mail pointing to this old thread of mine. I clearly had no recollection of ever having read that, but was definitely intrigued by the emotions I’d expressed in it, in the form of a feedback. That took my curiosity to do a quick Google check and I was surprisingly thrilled to see that the book was getting made into a movie. Thrilled not really about the upcoming movie; I guess, more out of the realization borne out of knowing how small events still stick to your life even after many years; in ways, we seldom understand.

I’m eternally grateful, yet again, to Jacob for having been the reason behind setting this piece of my life in motion. I’d like to dedicate this entry, hence, as my New Year’s gift to him; for the kind of person I know him as; and, even more for the value he gives to matters of personal relationship.

His store (Q8books, Maliya, Kuwait) used to be my haven then. This is the new place (Better Books) which, sadly, I haven’t had the opportunity to visit.

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A far superior formula ...

When things in life reach a turning point to end up on a positive note, most of the time-frame surrounding that change window will bring in a sense of frustration, hopelessness and such anguish that you’d wish it really wasn’t happening. But when that storm passes, your eyes are in for a treat. And this is not a once in a lifetime experience. Given enough care and attention to events happening in your life, you’ll be surprised to note that it is indeed a formula designed by someone far superior.

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Know your MRP rights ...

  1. Thought I'd quickly pen this down as my little contribution to the fight against those who take and who give, with "who-cares-attitude", money above the legally declared MRP on the item being purchased.

This is nothing new as I am sure many of you'd have faced this and may continue to face it too, unless we have the spine to put our foot down and say "NO".

Three such incidents were faced by us over the last 2-3 days here at Hyderabad.

- Bata was taking a Rupee higher than the MRP in the name of charging for the cover they were providing for packing.

- A medical store was selling an item above the MRP citing that they were receiving the goods from the black-market and were being charged higher than the MRP and hence were forced to sell above the MRP themselves.

- The same medical store was selling an antibiotic (Azee-100) above MRP arguing that he was "rounding-off" the price as change could not be tendered for 11 paise. Here, I refused to buy from him (for which he said if I was educated enough I'd not making such claims :-)) and bought the same item from the store nearby for a price lower than the MRP.

What do you normally do when faced with a similar situation - do you succumb thinking it's just a few paise or Rupees or due you stand up against it?

I have also seen some of the restaurants charging packaged drinking water bottles way above the MRP stating they have provision to do so. Not sure if it's true or not.

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The dangers and inefficiencies of multi-tasking ...

Multi-tasking was probably introduced as a special skill-set that is made to look like as that much-sought-after-trait by many, if not all. It's that "superior" feeling you experience on being able to reach into that gazillion tabs open in your browser and think you're achieving a lot; working a lot. I can say with a certain degree of confidence, you're wrong; a good many times.

I have been subjecting myself as an experimental rat to this phenomenon on and off; to outdo the number of hours on the clock and reach into as many tasks as possible (both personal and work related) in a single sitting or stretches of sittings. I'd not be wrong if I said that I manage to achieve a fair amount of success in that area as would many reading this, but have you noticed the level of mental exhaution you feel at the end of it all? And what about the quality of work that gets done as a result? I'd definitely say it's not something great for many like me out there.

For those who may be wondering why - it's not exactly the amount of work that does that to you, but the sheer amount of context switches (speaking in programming parlance) that happen in your brain as a result. The brain, to my limited knowledge, works on a sort of momentum gained on prolonged focus when doing a task. It begins at a low processing level for a task and then plateaus according to the level of involvemement needed. When one interrupts that, trying to be "efficient", what you're essentially ending up doing is to make your brain start it's processing from a much lower level from where it left off. As you can see, it could be easily related to taking 2 steps forward and then going 3 steps back. You need more time and effort the next time around to progress beyond a certain level at the task you were previously handling.

I'd not rule it out as something bad completely. But probably we shouldn't mix tasks that need prolonged engagement and thought process with those that can be considered as touch-and-go.

The next time around, especially to my friends in IT, try having just one window (and ONLY ONE TAB) open of the task you're handling and feel the difference. Let me know if you do not see any improvement at all.